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Turning today's heart disease into

tomorrow's heart health


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Who's Backing This Project?


Imperial College London

Cardiomyopathy UK is the UK's leading heart muscle charity - supporting families affected by heart muscle disease.


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Alexander Jansons Fund

Sam's Rainbow Foundation

Wellcome​ Trust & Department of Health 



Phil Geraghty - walking Hadrian's wall for the Heart Hive

Many thanks to everyone who pledged their support for the Heart Hive.  Over 200 people donated to help make the Heart Hive a reality, including:

Heart of Gold - Gillian Lindsay, Chris Battle, Dave Winpenny. Hive Hero - Julian Holdsworth, Jean Wright, Arun John Baksi, Ian Rippon. Hive Builder - Paul Barton, Alex Blyth, Onbarton, Mark Smith, Vicky Wyer, Dudley Muir Clark, Angela Harrowing,  Cheryl Costello, Keith John Drayton, Jenna Hartley-Smith. Hive Helper - Chulin Sha, Xiao Xu, Helen Brown, Konstantinos Vanezis, Iffat Rahman, Louise Campbell, Grant Donaldson, Amy Vest, Hugh Brazier, Kathryn Parry, Linda Caines, Brian Rogers, Cindy Nicoll, Juliet Fraser, Hugh Brazier, Berwyn Roberts, Paul Burleton, Richard Nield, Alexis Meech. Heart Helper - Timothy Redmayne, Andrew Woolf, Robert John Panton, Mark Woodbridge, Simon Horwell, Sheila Nardone.

And thank you to Phil Geraghty & for all their support.

Turning today's heart disease into

tomorrow's heart health

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