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The Heart Hive logo for cardiomyopathy research
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Turning today's heart disease into

tomorrow's heart health

Save lives by

mature adult participating in the heart hive to help future generations

advancing research.

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Special thanks to our early supporters 

for your commitment to a heart-healthy future for everyone.

What is the heart hive?

The heart hive is a simple way for patients and researchers to partner together so that research happens faster and tomorrow's cures are discovered sooner.

On Video: Learn more about the Heart Hive and how you can join as a patient data donor.  (2:45)

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How Can I Be Part of the Heart Hive?

Joining is easy, and we invite all qualified participants to sign up now for our pre-launch email list.  We anticipate our full launch in early 2019, and we will notify everyone on our list when we're ready to begin enrollment.

At the time of launch, we are seeking volunteers who meet at least one of these criteria.  

If one of these describes you, please join the pre-launch list today, and we'll be in touch soon so that together we can save lives by advancing research.

Here's why the heart hive is a win for everyone: 

The heart hive is an easy way to save lives and work together for a cure.

You're protected. Your data is safeguarded with the highest standards.

You remain in control. You always have a choice about how your data is used.

You're part of collaborative innovation. Researchers can explore possible cures faster with quick access to large datasets.

Together we're standing up to heart disease. It’s a new way we can all take action to help take down heart disease.

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How the heart hive works:

  • The heart hive will provide a platform to connect a community of willing research participants with motivated and highly-skilled researchers.

  • People living with or at risk of cardiomyopathy and myocarditis sign up on the website.

  • Participants enter their own health data in a short questionnaire (20 mins.)

  • Participants control their own data and decide which researchers will be given access.

  • Participants gain access to research projects and self-enroll in studies that interest them.

The heart hive logo, hexagon with white heart typography logo

Turning today's heart disease into

tomorrow's heart health

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